Markiza & Peter + Friends

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ven. 21/04/2017 de 20h30 à 23h30/strike>

Gaslight Cafe & Music
Unit 15-2, Jalan Medan Setia 1, Plaza Damansara, Bukit Damansara
50490 Kuala Lumpur
ENTR FEE : RM20 (At The Door)
Show Starts : 9pm
MARKIZA & PETER with RICHARD JOSEPH (lead guitar) and JES EBRAHIM (percussion)
Markiza & Peter Hassan Brown have been performing and recording for many years now in London and Malaysia. Between them they have released altogether 8 albums in UK and Malaysia. They are the nucleus of the band Soft Touch and are often joined by Wong Lip Kee who has been the band’s guitarist since 2004, and currently is helping with their latest recording project, a series of songs about different social issues: refugees, justice, human rights and the threat to the environment and vulnerable species.
Their single Like a Polar Bear was released in 2012, followed by Ecopocalypse in March 2013 to commemorate Earth Hour, and last year Losing Nature, about a natural jungle park that is turned into a building site. This track has now been made into a music video by Khai Bahar.
The couple’s earlier albums Open Secret (1993) and Love & Music (1996) have now been remastered and all the tracks are available as free downloads. The Soft Touch Full Album (2006) is also available, as are all songs from Peter Brown’s early analogue albums from 1979 onwards. Visit to access all this music.
Currently (2015) Peter has a new solo album out called “BLUES” on CD Baby: . The 14 tracks include some arranged songs and some pure acoustic numbers. This album is also available as a physical CD, and outlets where it can be purchased are available on the website (above)
You Tube
MONSOON MARKET featuring singer-songwriter JES EBRAHIM
Monsoon Market, started playing in September 2014 as ‘The Malayans’ for the Kuala Lumpur Eco Film Festival Green Vibes concert organized by Eco Knights. They made their debut as ‘Monsoon
Market’. They play mostly original songs and have performed in venues such as Merdekarya in PJ and Gaslight Cafe in Bukit Damansara .
Their music genre is a mixture of Traditional Malaysian, Asli, Folk, Coastal & Straights Music and Alternative. You can follow them at IG:
@monsoonmarketofficial and at FB:"
All is understood when seen & heard. We’re simply, a band of music enthusiasts whose approach at the end of the day, is to enchant & reinvigorate a sense of wonder & astonishment into the hearts and ears of the masses. With that in mind, we’re also a bunch of reckless kids from PJ who really love music, and feel like we have the capability of proving to people that music is more than what it seems – hence, all is understood when seen & heard. (Plus, we’ve got a 15-year-old bassist who can literally slap the bass like Flea…) There’s only more to come. Stay tuned.