Seeing with the Body: An Open Evening for Women +
Intuitive Body and Dance

Sun 18/03/2018 from 16h00 to 19h00

Timezone : Los_Angeles (GMT-08:00)

Berkeley Fellowship of Unitarian Universalists
1924 Cedar St
94709 Berkeley
United States
SUNDAY, March 18, 4–7 pm
$25–45 sliding scale
THIS OPEN EVENING is a great opportunity to experience the Intuitive Body and Dance work and practices, without committing to a longer cycle or program. To those who have attended our workshops before, new content will be offered to take you deeper into the practice.
With Stefana Serafina
We welcome to women, non-binary female bodied people, and trans women.
**Please note: Some filming will be taking place during this open evening for a short video about our work and community.
** PLEASE register online prior to coming: We are not equipped to take payments at the door.
The body is an intelligent, intuitive, self-organizing living system, constantly in contact with the deeper dimensions of the psyche and the natural world. As an intricate vessel of the sense-based intelligence that weaves our world together, the female body is exquisitely attuned both to the cycles and rhythms of nature and to the sixth sense that flows through the soma*. To see with the body is to be awake to its intelligence and consciously tuned in to its guidance. It is to be able to access dimension, felt knowing, and truth through the sensuous instrument that homes our being.
- Learn practices for cultivating the body’s stamina and prime the body as the instrument for “seeing” and perception
- Begin (or continue) recovering the depth of the senses and the intelligence available through the felt self
- Work through the places of somatic holding in the body where our intuitive and sensory perception may have been wounded or numbed
- Work with the basic vocabulary of the seeing body
- Practice seeing with the body for ourselves and for others
- Reconnect with an asoect part of the feminine nature that has been long silenced by cultural normalcy.
About Stefana
Stefana Serafina, M.A., is an embodiment educator and embodied empowerment facilitator. She is the founder of Intuitive Body and Dance, a platform providing women with resources, experiences, and education for returning to their bodies’ inherent intelligence, creative and intuitive genius, and sensuous wisdom. Stefana's work weaves together various somatic disciplines, embodied inquiry and expressive arts approaches, body and nature-centric practices, women’s sensuality traditions, and earth-centered spirituality. Based in the San Francisco Bay, Stefana has been teaching in California, Europe, and Central America since 2009, and, more recently, online. She is the host of The Embodied Way Podcast, and authors the Embodied Way Blog.
More about Stefana and the work: