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Mr Shiraz
Who is MR SHIRAZ? I don't think that mystery will ever actually be solved and it's a question that will probably generate multiple, misleading answers every time it's asked. Why's that, you ask? Well, when asked for some facts about the band, this is what they gave us...
Bassist Tori Shiraz is a philosophy genius and possibly the most intelligent person in the world, whereas frontman Mikey Shiraz once released a book of confessions of all the terrible things he's done . His mother refuses to read it. Lead guitarist Tim Shiraz looks like everyone in the world, apparently. Examples are Edward Norton, the dead body from Stand By Me, Cameron from Ferris Bueller's Day Off, the mum off 90’s kids show Dinosaurs and many more. And of course, there's a Facebook page.
Despite being absolutely ridiculous, they should also be taken rather seriously. They were the winner of the best single (which you can watch here) at the Pure Rawk Awards and they were also nominated for best bassist, best frontman and best EP. In 2016 they are once again nominated in the Best EP category. Heck. Their live shows are somewhat hyper and probably explains why they've played with Heck a few times now, as well as with the likes of Bouncing Souls, Skindred, Therapy?, Alkaline Trio, Joey Cape, Blacklisters, Brawlers and a full UK tour with Snuff and Bam Margera's Fuckface Impossible (You know, the one from Jackass who lets off fireworks in his parents' bedroom).
Sounds like it's all kicking off then. Well of course, it is. With a few line up changes and a more honed sound that matches their live performances, Mr Shiraz are now groove punks and invite you all to join them for their latest EP '21 Grams'. It's an EP that defines the band right here right now and is a fresh start after first LP 'I’m Invincible, I’m Built like A Sherman Tank Somebody Try & Stop Me' and their last self titled EP. With a track listing that references movies from decades past, there's obviously more to the EP than what you see and hear on the surface.
"Destined for big things Pulverise are a must see, one of most energetic bands I've seen coming out of the Rock and metal scene in a long time, Pulverise deliver a melodic onslaught that is guaranteed to get any venue or festival bouncing!"
Jools Taylor - Festwich
“The Northern powerhouse Pulverise play an intense mix of chunky, groovy riffs and bass lines, the group bring a distinct style and flair. Combing elements of hardcore, djent and rock tones all coupled with a perfect blend of clean and harsh vocals with strong rap influences. Pulverise rival Straight Line Stitch in their ferocity, rival Skindred in the groovy punches they pull. The band brings such a storm of intense, incredible energy to the stage with an ease of danceability”. Tayla Dickinson, Muses of Metal/Kube Radio
We are a high energy, partycore, rap metal, groove band who are tearing the scene a new one!
We're based in West Yorkshire and gig all over the UK, spreading our infectious energy, positivity, passion, head banging riffs and booty shakin’ grooves. Fun is the aim and wherever we go, the party, pits, dance-offs and most of all NOISE isn’t far behind!
Our influences are (hed)pe, Sumo Cyco, Skindred, Stuck Mojo, Madball, Beastie Boys, White Zombie and Limp Bizkit.
Between playing shows and festivals up and down the country, we're about to release our debut album and are meeting new people every day (digitally and in real life!) and are having the time of our lives.
Listen to our latest single ‘Stumble’ here - https://youtu.be/DyV35K4CSvo
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Korn Again - Korn tribute
After seven years together, Korn Again have become the world's number one Korn tribute act. Initially formed in Liverpool in 2010 - Korn Again have since strived to replicate the raw and aggressive sound as well as the energy fuelled stage performance of nu-metal giants Korn . Watching Korn Again creates a reminiscence of seeing Korn when they first emerged pioneering the nu-metal genre in the early 90's.
They have achieved great notoriety as a tribute by emulating Korn’s genre defining sound using the same instruments, amps and effects as the original band along with showcasing a custom made mic stand iconic to any Korn fan. The singer also plays the highland bag pipes live during their set, exactly as Korn's frontman Jonathan Davis does for the intro to the song - 'Shoots and Ladders'.
They have toured the UK extensively playing the likes of Liverpool's world famous Cavern Club and the Krazyhouse (where Korn themselves once played in 1996) as well as numerous large scale festivals and well established venues.
Korn Again also has the stamp of approval from the original band, as they were joined on stage by Korn's bassist 'Fieldy' and drummer Ray Luzier during a show in December 2016 to perform two of their biggest known hits - 'Here To Stay' and 'Freak on a Leash'. News of this spread fast in the rock/metal media after KoRn posted an official video of the gig on the bands Facebook page -
Korn Again have since been featured in several major press outlets world wide such as NME, Metal Hammer, Alt Press and Kerrang to name a few.
In 2012 Korn guitarist James 'Munky' Shaffer tweeted a promo shot of Korn Again dressed like the original band, emulating a well known poster that was shot during the first album. The tweet simply read: “Korn tribute band, wow... double take”. During the same year, the band were visited whilst performing on two different occasions by Skindred frontman Benji Webbe, who later in a radio interview expressed his very positive impression of the bands performance and likeness to Korn.
2017 saw the return of Korn Again's 'Family Values Tribute Show', a joint headlined show played with Europe’s top Limp Bizkit tribute 'Stiff Bizkit'. The show recreated the nu-metal extravaganza that was Korn's Family Values Tour, which ran from 1998 – 2013.
Like the original band, Korn Again deliver an enthralling and intense performance without a stop for breath - a tribute act who take the musical and performance aspects of what they do very seriously. Their attention to detail and authenticity is something to be witnessed and admired not only by Korn fans, but for anybody who appreciates live music and their show is not to be missed.
Source: www.facebook.com