Astrology 101 for Beginners

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Whole Foods Market
New York

Astrology is an Art and a Science that has its own symbolic language.

What's Your Sign?

Are you aware that by knowing just your Sun Sign you will know about 80% of who you are, and that what you'll know about yourself you will know about others as well? You will learn this and much more. Astrology can give you insight into others hidden characteristics. It will show you how you can really know the people in your life!

In this inter-active, repeating class you will learn about the Sun Sign Gemini, the sign of the Twins. What they would be like to have as friends, as a partner, or as an employer.

Knowing what someone is like can open many doors. Astrology is the key to acquiring that knowledge.

Join me and let's learn Astrology!

Everyone who wants to learn is welcome! The only requirements are a desire to learn and an open mind!

Class fee: $10.00