Passport to Pleasure - Fostering a Tribe of High Value Feminine Leaders
Damsels in Success Flagship Group Warwick

Fri 23/03/2018 from 10h00 to 13h00

Timezone : London

The Saxon Mill
Guys Cliffe, Coventry Road
CV345YN Warwick
United Kingdom
On Friday 23rd we have a very special event, Founder of the Feminine Freedom Movement (and Damsels in Success!) Lucie Bradbury will be holding a seminar - in the super centrally located personal development capital of the world, Leamington Spa!!
Tickets are just £60 and you can get yours here!
Lucie has been leading and coaching a soulful and supportive group of amazing women in this sisterhood and seeing shifts, changes and transformations as a result of what our community offers.
We ALL experience growth, insight, increased self awareness AND the strategies to re-write our old stories of limitation and to understand how our values give us the framework that guides us to create either happiness, success and ease, OR struggle and conflict in our lives. You can be a part of this community too
HOW does Damsels work? Through a beautiful, soulful synergy of
What we share is a desire to live from the sweet spot between pleasure and progress. The magical zone of magnetically allowing through our feminine energy whilst creating and shaping with aligned actions through our masculine energy.
We are ready to welcome new members with open arms - IF you share our passion to develop, evolve & transform in a way which serves not only your highest good, but also guides you to bring more love & light to others.
This seminar will blow your socks off - and there will be plenty of time to mingle with your sisterhood and receive some powerful reflections from them. Lucie creates community - so it’s as much about connection as it is about the content!
Come and hear it, come and become it - Lucie will be a blast and it’s sure to be a full house!!!
So bag your seat fast ...