MTB Presents: Mic Night
Music Theatre Bristol

Monday 26 from 20h00 to 23h00

Timezone : London

Music Theatre Bristol
Richmond Hill Avenue
BS8 1LN Bristol
United Kingdom
✨ Ever wanted to get involved with MTB by hurdling the audition process? ✨
✨ Ever found that perfect shower song, but haven't had the opportunity to perform it in front of an audience? ✨
✨ Ever been so blown away by an MTB show** that you just wanted to grab the mic and get involved? ✨
**(come and see 'RENT'!
Well, now you can!
MTB will be holding their first ever MIC NIGHT - think of it as lying between karaoke and a fully-rehearsed cabaret; singers will sign up in advance, have one rehearsal with MTB's huggable little pudding (Fintan 'MD/MC' Kealy) on the day of the performance, and then sing in front of a lovely, supportive audience!
This is a really amazing opportunity for anybody and everybody from all levels of experience - all you need is an MTB membership and a place on the sign-up sheet, no auditions required!
To make sure we get as many people involved as possible, we will be limiting this to one performance per person, but duets and groups are also welcome - as long as you provide your own piano music, anything goes!
Keep your eyes peeled on this event for exciting updates on location, timings and THE SIGN-UP SHEET, which will be out on 21st February.