Micro-grids and the situation in South Australia
Energy Futures Lab

Wed 07/03/2018 from 12h00 to 13h00

Timezone : London

Lecture Theatre 2
SW7 2AZ South Kensington
United Kingdom
Energy Futures Lab are delighted to host a talk from Dr Arnold McKinley of UCL's Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering. His talk will discuss the use of micro-grids in South Australia and look at the solution being provided by Elon Musk there.
Recent blackouts on a main grid devoid of standard fossil generators have pushed a progressive South Australian government toward solar thermal power plants and more wind farms. They have also had Elon Musk install a 100 MWe Tesla Powerpack battery storage facility, the largest in the world. Now Musk will be building a Tesla controlled 50,000 home, solar PV system using Powerwalls for storage. That last idea catapults the micro-grid solution for handling distributed energy generation on the grid to a wholly different level. Leave it to Musk to push hard with a solution that utility providers have just begun to embrace.
Lecture Theatre 2 in the Chemical Engineering Department is in building 14 on the campus map. The quickest way there is to enter the college from the main entrance on Exhibition Road (near building 36). Head through the building, across the large courtyard and along the long walkway past a bank of very large screens on your right hand side. The entrance to the Chemical Engineering Department is on your right, head through the automatic doors up two short flights of stairs and the room is just to your right.
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