Public Seminar: "Discover True Self for Success!!"

Sat 24 February à 19:45

Timezone : Paris (GMT+01:00)

Fort Lee Public Library
Fort Lee

• What we'll do
This is a public seminar and workshop that we will learn how to find "True Self for Your Success"!!

We will cover

> What is True Success?
> What is True self?
> How can we make true success by discovering true self?

based on chapter one of the book entitled "The Laws of the Sun", which talk about a system of the universe. Take a look at sentence below:

"Today, the sun of Buddha's truths has grown even larger and has begun to rise above the horizon with greater radiance than ever before. In this book, The Laws of the Sun, I describe this blazing beacon of new hope that has been bestowed upon our generation and all generations to come. This treasure has been hidden for more than two millennia - since the time of Shakyamuni Buddha. But now, as the sun of Buddha's Truths rises higher, its brilliant light emanates from a small corner of the world - and casts its radiance over the entire world. ...

The world today is waiting for this light, longing for Buddha's Truths to rise with the dawning sun and shatter the ramparts of darkness. … I have written "The Laws of The Sun" in the earnest hope that you will join countless others in rising to this extraordinary occasion by making it your life's work to spread Buddha's Truth to all who long for spiritual nourishment." from "The Laws of the Sun"

How do you define "Success"?, What is True self?, and How can we succeed your life through discovering true self? Answering these metaphysical questions, through practicing a typical meditation, we will find out "True Self" then attain the things that you need for making true success in your life.

See you in a room located downstairs in the Fort Lee Public Library. Thank you!!

• What to bring
Curiosity about invisible things and world.

• Important to know