"Humanism: Past, Present and Future Shock" live from Ireland

Mon 12 March à 23:30

Timezone : Paris (GMT+01:00)

Silver Star Diner

"Humanism: Past, Present and Future Shock" is the subject that Tom White will address. He will be communicating to us from Ireland, where he is a leading voice of the Humanists of Westport, County Mayo. He says it seems that today's climate change deniers are the same type of devout folk who denied evolution... science isn't fact to those folk; science is "fake news." But there are more shocks than evolution and climate change coming down the line; the battle to establish evolution has gone on for 150 years- and still isn't entirely won- a 150 years in the context of climate change will be far too late. And what's humanism's role in all this?
There will be plenty of opportunity for questions and answers.

Source: https://www.meetup.com/fr-FR/HFFCCT/events/247535125/