Prophetic Spirit in Divided World: Prof Abdal HakimMurad & Habib
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Fri 16/02/2018 from 18h30 to 21h30/strike>

SOAS University of London
Thornhaugh Street
WC1H 0XG London
United Kingdom
A Day with the Messenger:
The Prophetic Spirit in a Divided World
Shaykh Professor Abdal Hakim Murad joined by al-Habib Faisal al-Kaff (Senior student of Habib Umar of Yemen)
The Messenger of Allah (saw) was the best of creation sent to Mankind. He was the living Qur’an. The best of examples. In a world with challenges, war and division, imagine the seal of Prophets (saw) with us. What would He advise? What would He say? What would be His do in this divided world?
Join us for an evening of reflection and wisdom in the company of a great thinker alongside a scholar of deep Islamic spirituality.
Open Q&A Session with Inspirational Lectures
Special Guest Speaker:
Shaykh Abdul Hakim Murad & al-Habib Faisal al-Kaff
Price: FREE (Reservation below compulsory, no children under 7)
Date: Friday 16th February 2018
Time: 18:30pm-21:30pm (Doors open from 17:30pm)
Venue: London (Full details on website)
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