Saturday Morning Pickup
Chaque semaine le samedi

Sat 20 January à 15:00 — informations
Sat 27 January à 15:00 — informations

Timezone : Paris (GMT+01:00)

Avrill Blvd Park
Floral Park

Players making a team must show up at the field 9:00 sharp, with $3.00.

No Show rule is strickly enforced!!!

Ref Rules: The rules are simple: Yellow Card is 5 minutes out🕢, Red Card is 10 minutes out🕧. No foul languages, no bad tackles, no sliding. Respect your opponents🤝. We are playing for fun. We play indirect unless the Ref decide the foul was intentional and warrants a penalty kick. For example an intentional hand ball in the box to save a goal will be a penalty. Team may put in any goalie they choose. Don't be OFFSIDE😎.