Rivals of Ixalan Draft Weekend
Tabletop Game Shop Burnley

From 20/01/2018 12h00 to 21/01/2018 16h00

Timezone : London

Tabletop Game Shop Burnley
30-32 Westgate
BB11 1RT Burnley
United Kingdom
Come and join us to celebrate the release of the newest Magic: the Gathering set - RIVALS OF IXALAN!
Drafts are a fantastic way to boost the cards in your collection whilst having a fantastic time playing with the cards you open.
Come and join us at 12pm, that's when we will be drafting booster packs.
After the draft players will build a deck with the cards they have drafted and play games with other players.
For just £15 (member discounts apply) you get 3 boosters to draft with, a day full of Magic fun, a fantastic shiny promo card for taking part and access to all of our open board games too!
Never drafted before? Don't worry, we'll help you out and you'll have more fun than a nest full of baby Raptors!
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