LUSS Snocial #7 Post Trip Tee
Lancaster University Snowsports

Friday 19 from 20h30 to 3h30

Timezone : London

Grizedale Bar, Lancaster University
LA1 4 Lancaster
United Kingdom
We've just got back from all the antics of the winter trip and wasn't it sick. Snowsports have decided to host a post trip social to remind ourselves of how good it was.
For those of you who took part in valley rally or endured our fun tex meal , this will be the time to remember everything that happened, or just get naked.
Come down to Grizedale Bar at 8:30 in your trip tee, for those who of you who don't have them we will be in the learning zone 1-2pm on Tuesday selling them for £4.
Grizedale bar - 8:30
Mint - 10:00
Sugarhouse - 11:30
Snowy love
your Social Sec, Sam xoxo
p.s feel free to bring a bottle of vino for a cheeky w.i.n.e pass or two