Yoga - Surya Namaskar - Exploring the Details
Naturally Stronger

Saturday 20 from 10h00 to 12h00

Timezone : London

Barefoot Physio
15 Bartholomew Street East
EX4 3BG Exeter
United Kingdom
🌀 This two-hour introductory workshop offers a combination of yogic principles and movement health method to encourage and inspire greater awareness to those who wish to learn, explore or further discover Surya namaskar - one of the primary building blocks of the yoga asana practice.
🌀 The aim of the workshop is to empower you to listen and reconnect with your own body and it’s specific needs.
🌀 You will be provided with both yogic and Movement health method tools and this, in turn, may allow you to intelligently approach any physical restrictions with compassion and awareness and thus deepen your practice.
👉 All levels are most welcome. 👈 💷 Price: £20
ℹ️ For more information about yoga and movement health, please visit the following links:
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▫️ Method Health Method -
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