Dance of Shiva - Release Renew & Transform with Yogi Amandeep
Kundalini Yoga Collective Newtown

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Fri 19/01/2018 from 18h00 to 20h00/strike>

Kundalini Yoga Collective Newtown
level 1, 199-201 King Street
2042 Newtown
Delve deeply into rarely experienced yogic traditions and teachings!
"The source of all movement; Shiva's dance, Gives rhythm to the universe.”
The cosmic dance of Shiva is called Ananda Tandava, - Dance of Bliss. When Shiva dances he liberates the humanity from negativity. He transforms energy that is stuck in the world of mortals. When you learn to open your heart, the universe starts flowing through you. You drop what is not serving you and ecstasy downs from the heavens. In that state of bliss, Shiva dances in you. Dancer disappears and only Dance remains. Experience of Non-duality is experienced.
Negativity dissolves & you are transformed.
A unique workshop to transform and renew through Kundalini Yoga, Meditation, Visualization, Dance of Shiva and the teachings of non-duality.
Please note that it is not a dance class, but we would be using some dance techniques to let go of stress and depression.
We will:
-Learn how to transcend the habitual patterns of the mind and accessing our higher self, but all through dance of shiva.
-Practice Kundalini Yoga.
-Practice meditations from both the Kundalini and Vedic Traditions
The 3 must for Aquarian Age: Laughter – Meditation – Dance
Cost $60 online booking $50