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Lettersong Calligraphy Studio and Gallery
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Louisville native Dean Thomas is a virtuoso guitarist, featuring a unique rapid-fire flat picking style similar to Doc Watson. He moved to New York city at 21 and soon was living in Los Angeles and London playing with the U.K. rockabilly band Levi and the Rockats. He lived at the famed Tropicana motel and was friends with Tom Waits, Rikki Lee Jones, Chuck Weiss and Stiv Bators, and worked as a session musician at Universal Records, recording with the Payne Brothers and many more.
Moving to San Francisco, he worked with Chris Issac, Pearl Harbor, and blues players including Sonny Rhodes, Mel Brown, and Luther Tucker. where he honed the art of blues guitar.
Returning to L.A. in 1993, he worked with acclaimed producer Jon Brian, master violinist Lilly Hayden, Jude, Nan Vernon, Love Jones, and The Wild Colonials. In 1995 he met Virtuoso country singer Tim Ferguson and founded the infamous alt-bluegrass band the Cousin Lovers, who warmed up Jonny Cash, George Jones and played with Charley Louvin and Randy Travis
Nowadays, Dean writes and plays music in a traditional country/bluegrass vein.
Creator of the online course
Author of Raw Chi (Evolver books)