KCL Dance Society Annual Show Dancer Auditions - Retrograde 2018
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KCL Dance Society
West Wing, Guy's Campus
SE1 9RT London
United Kingdom
Hello lovely dancers! The time has finally come to announce that dancer auditions for our annual dance show, RETROGRADE are going to be held this month.
So make sure you're limbered up, ready to perform, and free from Monday 15th January, as its guna be one hell of a week! The best part about our show, is that it is completely FREE to participate! As long as you've got your Dance Soc membership - which is a show must.
Every year KCL Dance Society put on 3 fabulous evenings of shows with over 150 dancers in a wide variety of different dance styles and abilities - meaning EVERYONE can participate!
[Just a little reminder that last term's classes are no longer running in Semester 2 except for Salsa, Zumba, Hip Hop and Contemporary, which will now be held on SATURDAYS ONLY to allow for show rehearsals, so please please please get involved!]
Show week begins on the 20th March, with rehearsals on the Monday and Tuesday, followed by three wonderful shows and three amazing afterparties on the Wednesday through to Friday!
The rehearsals will be held weekly (including reading week) at the same time as the audition times below.
To end such a busy week, we're having a very much needed post-audition week social at Hawaiian cocktail bar Kanaloa Club on Saturday 20th January.
Keep your eyes peeled for the event!
You must be available for ALL of these shows and rehearsals.
There is a limit of 10 dances maximum, and 6 for associate members - but you can of course audition for more!
You MUST NOT be in two consecutive acts.
You will not be allowed on stage without membership! If you haven't got membership already (and seriously, why not?!), then please email contact@kcldancesoc.co.uk for more information, or purchase your membership on the KCLSU website.
5-6pm AR1
Beatrice Fiora
Style: Burlesque
Level: All
Consecutive Acts: Sarah Bowler - Urban, Catherine and Lucy - Jazz
Forget corsets and feathers, this year we will be wearing our heart on our sleeve, telling a story of passion and frustration. My piece is all about tension and release, frailty and strength, love and hate. At first, we will be impersonating retrograde individuals, who have ‘reverted to an inferior condition’, both physically and emotionally. Leg kick after hair flick, we will gradually grow tougher, showing that no matter how many times life brings you down, you have to find it within you to stand back up with your head held high (and a pair of heels!). We will to turn pain into anger and anger into art.
I am looking for flexibility as well as interpretative ability.
Bring heeled boots/supportive heels, no stilettos. Avoid dresses/skirts.
6-7pm AR1:
Sophie Rivett
Style: Jazz
Level: Advanced
Consecutive Acts: Chloe Bertini – Mixed Styles, Kinga and Elana - Contemporary Jazz
Inspired by the glamour of Hollywood’s golden age, this balletic Jazz piece to ‘At Last’ by Etta James is going to be elegant and a little bit sultry. Think legs, technique and beautiful extensions. I’m looking for advanced dancers, from either Jazz, ballet or contemporary backgrounds, who are able to perform to help me convince the audience that they are back at an old Hollywood party sipping on champagne with Marilyn and Audrey.
8-9pm AR2:
Beth Stanbridge
Style: Contemporary
Level: Intermediate/Advanced
Consecutive Acts: Nick Keatley – Funk, Yolanda and Vickie – Hip Hop
Theme: My piece is about breaking stereotypes and disrupting the status quo of the relationship between men and women. Harking back to the time of WW2, I will show how the women left behind were not in fact left behind. Their perceived repression will be presented as liberation as they show their strength and resilience and throw themselves forward into the future. Women will be represented as strong contrary to how they were viewed as fragile in the past. I am looking for male or female dancers with contemporary, jazz, hip hop or ballet backgrounds with a strong sense of performance. If you want to see some of my choreography, check it out here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vT2SxvcU5hQ
9-10pm AR2:
Sarah Bowler
Style: Urban (Contemporary Hip Hop)
Level: All
Consecutive Acts: Hanyoung Ko -Breaking, Beatrice Fiora - Burlesque
This piece is about trying not to fall into old habits, so will need expression and story telling. As a style, Urban is a fusion of techniques from lots of genres, so I’m looking for open minded dancers who are trained in Contemp or Hip Hop and are comfortable to try improvisation in rehearsals as we will be building some of the choreo together as we go. The music is a mash up of Hozier, Coldplay and Chainsmokers so there will be a chance to showcase all the styles of the dancers involved.
9-10pm AR5
Gemma Stiles
Style: Ballet
Level: Intermediate/Advanced
Consecutive Acts: Jennifer Lamb – Belly dance, Karman, Beth, Chan - Commercial
This piece is firstly inspired by the music Infra 5 by Max Richter. Full of feeling, my piece is the telling of the feeling of longing for a past self and the understanding of changing from what you were. I am looking for 16 dancers and it will performed in flats. I am looking for clear, clean technique to show the power and sorrow in the music but the quality of your dancing is the most important. You need to be able to elongate your movements and feel the music. Ideally it is aimed for advanced or high intermediate but it can be changed based on the dancers who show the most feeling in the audition. It is inspired by Akram Khan’s Giselle and Hofesh Shecter’s Untouchable but please try and listen to the music beforehand to understand the feeling of the piece (you can find it on Spotify). Looking forward to seeing you at the audition!
10-11pm AR2:
Claire Wilkinson
Style: Tap
Level: Beginner-Advanced
Consecutive Acts: Paula Koller - Reggaeton/Flamenco, Emma Smith - Pointe
We’re getting all psychedelic as we dive into the wondrous and ethereal world of the kaleidoscope! This tap dance is light, fun and funky and uses the wonderful ‘Aftergold’ by Big Wild (give it a listen!). I’m looking for 10-15 dancers of ALL levels - beginners to advanced (although if you’ve never put on a pair of tap shoes this probably isn’t for you!)
Inspired by the optical illusion of the apparent retrograde movement of planets (where the planets appear to change direction, but do not), the inventors of the kaleidoscope realised they could harness the properties of light to create something beautiful. Join us as we pay tribute to this wonderfully simple invention.
10-11pm AR5
Yolanda and Vickie
Style: Hip Hop
Level: Advanced
Consecutive Acts: Beth Stanbridge -Contemporary, Paula Koller - Flamenco
Remember when Dance is the only thing you think about? When all you look forward to is your dance training? As you’ve grown older and started carrying more responsibilities on your back, you become busier and more stressed. This piece is a story of someone who feels lost and is drowned by responsibilities, but rediscovers the dream that is once forgotten.
We will be experimenting with different formations and styles! We’re looking for people who just simply love dance as much as we do.
5-6pm AR:
Noga Arad
Style: Commercial
Level: Intermediate
Consecutive Acts: Emma Smith - Pointe, Georgia Brown - Contemporary
Come audition for a fun, energetic and empowering commercial piece for this years KCL dance show! Featuring songs such as Destiny Child’s, Survivor and JLo’s Ain’t Your Mama, we’ll put together a performance all about female empowerment through the years! Seeking dancers who enjoy commercial but welcome dancers from other styles including hip hop, jazz, contemporary, etc. Both female AND male dancers are welcome to audition (seeking boys for duets and big group segments). If you are hard-working, want to improve your performance and confidence skills, a team player and enjoy dancing, come audition!!
6-7pm AR2
Ellie Trent
Style: Lyrical/Tap
Level: Intermediate/Advanced
Consecutive Acts: Kinga and Elana - Contemporary Jazz, Hanyoung Ko -Breaking
The image of the poppy drifts over the month of November as the nation importantly remembers those who have given their lives for our country, and who shall never be forgotten. Moving through time, as a poppy wafts in the breeze, this piece will track the journey of the soldiers who fought in the war, and the wives who suffered the loss of their loved ones, culminating in a dance of remembrance.
The piece will be divided into three ‘scenes’:
Scene 1 (you do not have to be in the tap section): The first dance is going to be an advanced tap dance which mirrors the soldiers going off to war. Lively and energetic, it will reflect the hopes and dreams which the soldiers expected to fulfil in their journey on the battlefield. This dance will be primarily fast-paced American tap and will therefore provide an opportunity to learn new steps which veer away from the classical style that many will have grown up with.
Scene 2: A poignant lyrical piece, this dance will captivate the emotions of the wives who wait for their loved ones to come home, concluding with a dance of reunion (or loss).
Scene 3: A dance of remembrance, this will be an elegant and flowing lyrical dance, with emotion and performance being the predominant aim as a dance of poppies emphasises that the fallen will never be forgotten.
I am looking for advanced tap/ advanced lyrical dancers who enjoy embracing the performance aspect to dance. The ability to express is key to the piece in order to convey the emotional aspects of the dance. The image of the poppy should be firmly impressed upon the audience’s minds at the end of the performance.
10-11pm AR3:
Elana Hershman and Kinga Mojzes
Style: Contemporary Jazz
Level: All
Consecutive Acts: Sophie Rivett - Jazz, Ellie Trent - Lyrical Tap
Rupaul meets the Renaissance in this contemporary throwback piece! We’re taking DRAG back to its roots on the early modern stage, and exploring two different explosions of individuality and expression. The Renaissance was a time for breaking out of conventions, and modern drag takes that to a whole new level. Think Covergirl, Medici, that fun dance scene in Tangled, and of course, be ready to lip-sync for your life! We are looking for all levels and genders in this extremely inclusive and utterly fabulous commercial and contemporary piece. There will be tons of sass and plenty of drama (not to mention a death defying lift), but remember, no tea, no shade! Come join the Ru-naissance—it will be sickening ;)
2-3pm AR2
Jake Marshall
Style: Latin-Inspired Tap/Musical Theatre
Level: All
Consecutive Acts: Jennifer Lamb – Belly dance
Hola Amigos, #jakemarshall is back to choreograph, after last year’s Oompa Loompa number winning best costume and crowd-pleaser!
It’s the 1800s. We are in a crowded Spanish market town full of gypsies, capes, swords, castanets and passion. The corrupt village leader has placed a curfew on the villagers (a retrograde on their rights), and this piece will express their anger and desire for ‘freedom’. Will Zorro, the iconic masked protagonist, regain the rights of the villagers? If you loved last year’s Oompa Loompa piece, please audition! It’s going to be action packed, gripping and full of emotion.
The piece will mainly be Latin inspired Musical Theatre (think salsa, paso vibes) but will include an acapella tap section and you don’t have to do both, but you can! I open this audition up to all (please bring tap shoes if you would like to audition for the tap section), and would be great to have some boys! I’m mainly looking for hip action, emotion and natural Latin ability!
Have a listen: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ryX544qJ-Ko
4-5pm AR1
Millie Walker
Style: Musical Theatre
Level: All
Consecutive Acts: Nick Keatley – Funk
Throughout history, progress has been made by 'sticking it to the man' - think Rosa Parks, Malala Yousafzai and Alexander Hamilton! Throw it back to ties, desks and spelling tests with this musical theatre piece from the legendary School of Rock. All levels are welcome as long as you have high energy and a theatre face! There will be specific sections for beginners so please please please come! If you're ready to pledge your allegiance to the band give Stick it to the man a listen to and ROCK up to auditions! PEACE OUT
4-5pm AR3
Chloé Bertini
Style: Mixed Styles
Level: All
Consecutive Acts: Nikki Letteri - Contemporary, Sophie Rivett - Jazz
"The retrograde is taking us all the way back to the sound of the Black Eyed Peas, imagine an explosive fusion of ballet, salsa and hiphop to "Pump it".
I want as many people as possible so don't be afraid to audition even if you are new to some of the styles.
All I'm looking for is people who love dancing and are ready to give their 200% for this energetic piece. You will have the chance the try some new styles that you may have not tried and I also have a small section where I am open to incorporate whatever style, moves or tricks you want to do individually.
So bring your talent and let's have fun!!!"
5-6pm AR1
Alex Theoklitou
Style: Commercial
Level: Intermediate/Advanced
Consecutive Acts: Tallulah Smart - Swing
Beyoncé. Need I say anything more? This commercial piece will be a high energy, fast paced and intricate celebration of Beyoncé’s greatest hits throughout the years. I’m looking for dancers of all styles who can pick up choreography quickly, adapt to my style and have moves that use different dynamics and are clean! Hope to see you all there :) #QueenBey
5-6pm AR3
Tallulah Smart
Style: Swing
Level: All
Consecutive Acts: Emily Harvey - Irish, Alex Theoklitou – Commercial
Come back in time to the swinging sixties where everything was groovy and everyone was grooving. Taking inspiration from the era of The Summer of Love and the Mod mini-skirt, we're giving swing a psychedelic mix up and bringing it into a new age. We are going to put the retro in retrograde.
6-7pm AR3
Emily Harvey
Style: Irish Tap
Level: Intermediate/Advanced
Consecutive Acts: Piyal and Susanna - Bachata, Tallulah Smart - Swing
Looking back and at the work of Michael Flatley; this piece will reflect the high energy of Irish dance, starting with an acapella section, and leading up to a tribute to Lord of the Dance. So if you’ve always wanted to give Irish Dancing a go, come and audition for this lively piece! No prior knowledge of Irish dancing is necessary, this would suit intermediate/advanced tappers.
9-10pm AR3
Nick Keatley
Style: Funk
Level: All
Consecutive Acts: Millie Walker - Musical Theatre, Beth Stanbridge- Contemporary
Get on down, soul brothers and sisters to the dynomite 1970s, the joint where cool cats like Bruno Mars and Daft Punk mellow and get the groove on. We ain't jiving, we're talking a tale of time-travel on the Soul Train, can ya dig it?
You can be any level, any style and have never even heard of Funk - just bring your energy, spirit and have a ton of fun!
And if you haven't heard of Funk, educate yo'self! http://youtu.be/TBXv37PFcAQ?t=1m35%2F
9-10pm AR1 Catherine and Lucy/Jazz
Style: Jazz
Level: Intermediate/Advanced
Consecutive Acts: Beatrice Fiora - Burlesque
Rewind to the Fosse age! This piece aims to capture classic jazz as we transport back in time to the wacky, unique, beautiful style of fosse. We are looking to use songs from the Fosse soundtrack such as ‘Blackbird’ and ‘Rich mans frug’ so please have a listen before you come along to familiarise yourselves. Performance is key and start limbering as there will be a kickline!
10-11pm AR1
Carlotta Misirolli
Level: Advanced
Consecutive Acts: Karman, Beth, Chan - Commercial, Nikki Letteri - Contemporary
“Amor y vida en Buenos Aires”
Through the elegance of Argentinian Tango we follow the memories of a couple as they show us, in a beautifully intricate flashback, the history of Tango and their love for their city, the dance and each other.
NOTES FOR THE AUDITION: will contain multiple styles of Argentinian Tango. Men: dress nice and wear dance shoes / slides shoes. Women: heels or ballet flats + dress (that allows leg movement).
5-6pm AR3
Georgia Brown
Style: Contemporary
Level: Intermediate/Advanced
Consecutive Acts: Noga Arad - Commercial, Piyal and Susanna - Bachata
A contemporary piece that explores the retrograde of wishing you could go back to a person or a moment that is no longer there. I am looking for a strong team of dancers who are willing to put their heart and soul into a choreography dedicated to all loved ones who we’ve lost, to Ed Sheeran’s ‘Supermarket Flowers.” I have a vision of using a stronger more technical group of contemporary dancers to accompany a smaller group who will be doing more pedestrian, physical moment. Any ability is welcome, if you think you are willing to come out of your comfort zones and throw yourself into the emotion of this piece, then please audition!
6-7pm AR1
Karman, Beth and Chan
Style: Commercial
Level: Advanced
Consecutive Acts: Gemma Stiles - Ballet, Carlotta Missiroli - Tango
Travel back in time with the top hits of the decades! Our piece pays homage to the hits of each decade. Honouring the love for music with dance styles we all know and love. Come have fun with us as we combine waacking and commercial hip hop in our retrograde of music! Bring your SASS cause that’s what we’re looking for!
7-8pm AR1
Nikki Letteri
Style: Contemporary
Level: Intermediate/Advanced
Consecutive Acts: Carlotta Missiroli - Tango, Chloe Bertini – Mixed Styles
This is your typical emotional contemporary piece, choreographed to ‘Love in the Dark’ by Adele. Think cliché breakup, with lots of duet sections, fluidity and emotions. Looking back on the old happy days, then leading up to the point when you realise that, although you still love the person, you've gotta let them go. Sad sad cry cry, happy lovely, boo hoo waah.
8-9pm AR1
Susanna Khalkecheva and Piyal Chowdhury
Style: Latin
Level: Intermediate/Advanced
Consecutive Acts: Georgia Brown - Contemporary, Emily Harvey - Irish
This piece follows the story of a broken couple, reminiscing over their time together and presented through a fusion of urban and sensual bachata. (Hip hop and body rolls)
The piece will follow a central couple, with surrounding couples. 4 Scene changes including a romance scene and break up scene, some acting involved.
9-10pm AR1
Emma Smith
Style: Ballet/Pointe
Level: Advanced
Consecutive Acts: Claire Wilkinson - Tap, Noga Arad -Commercial
This ballet piece is inspired by the perceived 'wondrous' movement of the planets in retrograde motion. It's going to be a modern take on the ethereal romantic ballet style creating a magical celestial world. Ideally the piece will be on pointe so I would like advanced dancers who are confident on pointe, please bring your shoes to audition. However if you’re a non-pointe dancers with impressive technique and beautiful style, you’re still welcome to audition.
10-11pm AR1
Hanyoung Ko
Style: Breaking
Level: Advanced
Consecutive Acts: Ellie Trent - Lyrical Tap, Sarah Bowler - Urban
For this years’ show, Breakin’ KCL will be on a journey back in time through the land of Japan. Featuring music from critically acclaimed Japanese producers like Nujabes, eastern folk music remixed with dynamic modern rhythms will form the foundation of the piece (have a listen to “Nujabes – Far Fowls” as an example). The goal for the team will be to present a piece that is stylish yet dynamic with high energy and teamwork based choreography. You’ll also get the chance to perform in some unique attire (think straw hats, martial arts gear, masks!!).
The core dance style for the piece will be breakdancing with elements of hip hop intertwined. Everyone is welcome to audition regardless of whether you’re new to the styles or have years of experience. High energy, teamwork and simply enjoying the moments will be the main features I’ll be on the lookout for during the audition. The piece is also an opportunity for you to learn some breakdance and hip hop moves over the coming weeks, and it really is a unique and rewarding experience. I hope you’ll audition and join us on our journey to Ancient Japan as part of this year’s retrograde show!!!
1-2pm AR3
Jennifer Lamb
Style: Bellydance
Level: All
Consecutive Acts: Jake Marshall – Musical Theatre Tap, Gemma Stiles - Ballet
Belly dance is back in full force so of course think sensual, seductive and sexy. But, this year I want to show you there’s so much more to belly dance than meets the eye. We will be exploring its origins through a celebration of Ancient Egypt and the gods.
We will be transporting the audience back in time to the land of the pharaohs as we show them the power and elegance of you beautiful goddesses! I want this to be a carnival of colours and a festival of dance; think Arabian nights.
Don’t worry if you’ve never tried belly dance before, all levels of dance welcome! I’m looking for confident people whose hips don’t lie, people who are open to trying something different and most of all, people who just love to dance!
5-6pm AR1
Paula Koller
Style: Reggaeton Flamenco
Level: All
Consecutive Acts: Yolanda and Vickie – Hip Hop, Claire Wilkinson - Tap
Couldn’t stop dancing to despacito this summer? Always wanted to try out the passionate ways of flamenco? Come by and try out for my piece - a fusion of flamenco (the traditional Spanish dance) and reggaeton (the new music style that’s blowing up our charts).
I’m going to be teaching both dance styles and the piece is going to show the influence of Hispanic music in a global sphere. A mix of Bamboleo and Bailando will be played.
For the flamenco part you can be a beginner, as I will be teaching the basics (fast feet and strong characters are preferred - I.e. tap dancers or salsa dancers will find it easier). I’ll be looking for intermediate dancers for reggaeton (if you dance hip-hop/commercial you will be fine) - be ready to drop it low and move your hips.
1. Jake Marshall – Latin Tap/Musical Theatre
2. Jennifer Lamb – Belly dance
3. Gemma Stiles - Ballet
4. Karman, Beth, Chan - Commercial
5. Carlotta Missiroli - Tango
6. Nikki Letteri - Contemporary
7. Chloe Bertini – Mixed Styles
8. Sophie Rivett - Jazz
9. Kinga and Elana - Contemporary Jazz
10. Ellie Trent - Lyrical Tap
11. Hanyoung Ko -Breaking
12. Sarah Bowler - Urban
13. Beatrice Fiora - Burlesque
14. Catherine and Lucy - Jazz
15. Millie Walker - Musical Theatre
16. Nick Keatley – Funk
17. Beth Stanbridge- Contemporary
18. Yolanda and Vickie – Hip Hop
19. Paula Koller - Reggaeton/Flamenco
20. Claire Wilkinson - Tap
21. Emma Smith - Pointe
22. Noga Arad -Commercial
23. Georgia Brown - Contemporary
24. Piyal and Susanna - Bachata
25. Emily Harvey - Irish
26. Tallulah Smart - Swing
27. Alex Theoklitou – Commercial
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