LDN Talks: Secrets to a Happy Dry January
Old Spitalfields Market

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Thu 18/01/2018 from 19h00 to 21h30/strike>

Old Spitalfields Market
65 Brushfield St
E1 6BG London
United Kingdom
Ticket Includes 1 Selected Main Old Spitalfield's Kitchens
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Doors at 7pm Talk Starts 7.30pm
Many people worry that changing their drinking, even temporarily, means that life has to be less of everything. Less fun, less social, less romantic, less successful, less easy to unwind, less easy to feel relaxed, less easy to cope with life’s ups and downs.
Harriet Waley-Cohen has been sober for over 15 years and truly understands that life does not have to be less in any way without alcohol. Well, apart from less hangovers and less embarrassing memories!!! In this talk she will bring together her experience and wisdom from her sobriety, together with powerful coaching tools and techniques to empower you to have a fantastic dry January.
You will learn how to create a life that is more of everything - more fulfilling, healthy, fun, fulfilling and fabulous while booze is taking a backseat. You will discover how to answer any annoying questions about why you’ve changed your drinking and very importantly, how to handle situations sober that drinking used to make easier before – dates, tricky client lunches, the end of a bad day and nights out with your friends. Effective techniques for sidestepping pitfalls that could derail your plans for a dry January will be shared. You will also create your own unique and practical road map of what to add into life now that drinking is off the agenda, so that you are happier and more fulfilled overall for the rest of January.
You will leave with new friends and connections - dry January is more fun and easier when you’re not alone – and effective and easy tools to turn up the volume on the happiness in your life. Plus of course a much more positive perspective on what’s possible with less booze in your life. There will be a time for a Q&A at the end too so that you can get all your questions about life being more of everything without alcohol answered.
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