Luxury Bucket presents: Machine Noises w/ Noizubito & loads more

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Fri 08/12/2017 from 19h00 to 23h00/strike>

The Old England
43 Bath Buildings
BS6 5PT Bristol
United Kingdom
we've got a big night of strange and wonderful electronic stuff for you, and the long-awaited reunion of the huddersfield folks.
come boogie.
free entry - donations welcome.
indomitable noisy duo utilising eurorack, volcas, pedals and a whole bunch of other electro-gubbins to bring you improvised beats that veer from full-on sonic assault to off-kilter hypnagogia in the twitch of an eardrum.
data wizardry from big d evans.
jittery max/msp magic with suitably hectic visuals.
come get your discourse on and take a journey down the recontextual rabbit hole.
hope you all like liturgy and that.
skittering beats with big big bass from nick kidd.
as close as you'll get to a religious experience this side of the pearly gates but with tasteful sidechain to boot.
separated from his flock, far to the north, the pigeon has foraged alone for sonic vittles.
but now he returns - and we shall feast on the ambient goodness.
yeah it's the usual drone folk but this time in keeping with the night's theme i'm bringing some yamaha My First Keyboard sort of things and firing them through the pedalboard so let's see how that goes