SUNDAY SOCCER @ 10:00 AM - Pier 5 (2 hours for $2)

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Sun 10 December à 16:00/strike>

Brooklyn Bridge Park - Pier 5


I will not be there for every game, so please bring a ball if you have it (I will personally replace all balls that get kicked in the river) and please bring a white and a dark shirt so we can divide into teams.

If you can't make it please mark NO as soon as you know.

Please show up on time so we start the game and get the blood pumping.

Keep all your stuff inside the goal, not laying around the sidelines where it can walk off.  

If you need additional players for the game, feel free to invite random players to jump in. Totally up to the group. If the game is full already please be respectful to outside players - tell them it's a paid game and that it's already too crowded.

And remember:

1) No slide tackling or rough challenges

2) Everyone rotates in goal. Be fair about it. If you're in goal it's your job to call "Next keeper!" when someone else should take your place

3) The fields are open and we do not have a permit, so everyone please show up on time so we can take the field and kick off a game.

And now the usual:

All are welcome to attend. It's a good mix of skill levels and a quick moving game in a relaxed and non-judgmental environment.

Format and Rules:

• Games will be full field 11v11 with rotating goalkeepers and full-sized nets. Everyone gets equal playing time and no one sits on the sidelines (unless you want a break).

• Feel Good games means that we don't play to win - we play to get a great workout, enjoy the friendly competition, and maybe even show off some skills :)

• No slide tackles or rough challenges allowed and no barking at teammates or opponents. The goal is have a great game and leave with good vibes.

• Bring a white shirt and a black shirt so we can divide into teams.

Field Location: 

Brooklyn Bridge Park Pier 5 is the most beautiful field in the city (for real). It's located off Furman Street.

We'll be on the 1st field, which is the first field as you approach. It's closest to the road.

Subway access includes Borough Hall 2/4/5, Court Street N/R/W, Jay Street Metrotech A/C/F. Walk on Joralemon Street to the water and the fields are right there.


If you can't make the game, please change your RSVP to "NO" asap so other members have a chance to take your spot and we have a full game.

Waiver of Liability:

By joining this group and attending events you agree to the Waiver of Liability and Hold Harmless Agreement.