Critique and Discussion of Personal Projects

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Sun 10 December à 22:00/strike>

Beans and Leaves Coffee and Tea Cafe
Staten Island

For members working on writing projects at home who are looking for some feedback--this is the meetup for you.

We welcome all genres, and we don't censor material in any way. So, if reading submissions that possibly contain explicit sex and violence bothers you, this might not be the meetup for you.

Requirement to attend this meeting: read through and critique the most recent files posted by members who have RSVP'd "Yes" to this meetup and be prepared to DISCUSS your thoughts (remember we are looking for more than "it was good" -- constructive criticism is our bread and butter!). Many members find it helpful to bring notes to share with the writer, either written on a printed out copy of the work or on a separate sheet of paper. If you are new to the group, keep in mind that while we encourage you to post something, you can read and critique without submitting something of your own.

Please post one piece (maximum 5,000 words) that you wish to have critiqued by Friday, December 8, 2017 by sharing a link to your Google Drive file in the comments section of this meeting. 

(How to upload files to Google Drive:

(How to share files from Google Drive:


When you share a file with someone, you can choose what they can do with it.

-View: People can see, but can’t change or share the file with others.

-Comment: People can make comments and suggestions, but can’t change or share the file with others.

-Edit: People can make changes, accept or reject suggestions, and share the file with others.

To get the most out of our critique sessions, it is highly recommneded you opt into, at least, allowing critiquers to COMMENT. However, enabling all of these features will allow those reading the file to make notes and edits DIRECTLY onto to your document so you can work with them at home. None of the changes and/or comments made are permanent, unless you decide you want them to be.

Please post your file no later than Friday, December 8, to give everyone time to read and critique.

For all of our meetups at public establishments it is essential that we show our gratitude for the venue that has agreed to host our meetings by being patrons as we enjoy their space. Please come prepared to purchase something (even if it is something as small as a bottle of water) from the cafe.