Writing Prompt, Read Aloud, And Tip Share

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Sun 10 December à 20:30/strike>

Beans and Leaves Coffee and Tea Cafe
Staten Island

After selecting a writing prompt, we'll all write for 30 minutes and then read what we've written aloud. If there is time left over (which there has been for months!) we will have a "tip-sharing" time where we will discuss either an article or some other resource that has a writing tip (or tips) for the group. *If you have a tip, bring it along to the meeting!

One of the things we've all talked about is lack of focus--being distracted by all the possibilities of a prompt, and getting too into the backstory when we have limited time. With that in mind, the goal is to write a complete story in about 250 words. [To put this in perspective, that's one typed page, double-spaced.] The idea is to force each of us to concentrate on the essentials of a story, and complete the story arc as efficiently as possible. Sometimes this exercise works, sometimes it's a flop, but we learn something about crafting a story every time.

For all of our meetups at public establishments it is essential that we show our gratitude for the venue that has agreed to host our meetings by being patrons as we enjoy their space. While there is no fee paid to the venue hosting this meetup, please come prepared to purchase something (even if it is something as small as a bottle of water) from the cafe.

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