Haringey Radical Readers read The Unseen by Nanni Balestrini
Haringey Radical Readers

Tue 19/12/2017 from 19h00 to 21h00

Timezone : London

Big Green Bookshop
1 Brampton Park Rd Unit 1
N22 6BG London
United Kingdom
On Tuesday 19th December, Haringey Radical Readers will be discussing The Unseen by Nanni Balestrini, at 7pm in the Big Green Bookshop. Join us!
From Verso's description: "For a brief explosive period in the mid-1970s, the young and the unemployed of Italy’s cities joined the workers in an unexpectedly militant movement known simply as Autonomy (Autonomia). Its “politics of refusal” united its opponents behind draconian measures more severe than any seen since the war
Nanni Balestrini, the poet of youth rebellion, himself a victim of that repression, has invented a remarkable fictional form to express the hopes and conflicts of the movement. In spare but vivid prose, The Unseen follows Autonomy’s trajectory through the eyes of a single working-class protagonist—from high-school rebellion, squatting and attempts to set up a free radio station to arrest and the brutalities of imprisonment. This is a powerful and gripping novel: a rare evocation of the intensity of commitment, the passion of politics."
Some copies of the book are available in the Big Green Bookshop but if you need help getting a more affordable copy, or wish to share a copy with someone else, then get in touch: radicalreadersharingey@gmail.com
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