Friday Night LAN @GVP
Gomaz vs Pedro

Event unavailable.

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Fri 17/11/2017 from 22h00 to 9h00/strike>

Gomaz vs Pedro
1A Elizabeth St
2297 Tighes Hill
Hi everyone, we are doing out second Overnight LAN party and it will be held on Friday the 17th - 18th!! What we do is really up to you, we can do little tournaments or side events, or you and your friends can just do your own thing! Last time we had halo combat evolved, jedi academy, overwatch, warcraft 3. Use the page to create polls and see what everyone wants to do!
Information is below, any further questions just message the page! If there are games people want to have installed on the GVP computers before hand let us know and we will see what we can get done before the night so we don't have to update all the libraries at the same time!
Time 10pm Friday - 10am Saturday
Cost - $50 per person
Included (per person)
- Dinner (1 pizza & soft drink)
- Breakfast (1 Bacon & egg roll + 1 tea/coffee/water/soft drink)
**vegetarian options available, please notify before the event!
- 12 hours for your account
Do I need to bring my own gear?
If you wish you can, we have 23 PC’s in house who will go out to the first in to book, but we have Ethernet ports throughout the building so we aren’t limited to that number!
Do I need to book?
Yes, we will be reserving spots up until the day, but the first to book will get their choice of location in the venue, and be able to reserve a space so they don’t have to byogear.
Can I come in after 10pm and come and go from the venue as I please?
No, this will be a lock in style event, the doors and business will shut its doors at 10pm, we will not be allowing people to come and go due to noise restrictions in the neighbourhood, special circumstances will of course be taken into consideration.
Can I bring my own food and drinks?
No, we have a café on the premises that will be open all night! We don’t allow outside food/soft drinks/lollies etc. Water is fine!
Does the venue have AIRCON?
It sure does!! :)