Kings 2 - Emergency Services
Loughborough Sno

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From 18/11/2017 14h30 to 19/11/2017 04h00/strike>

Loughborough Students' Union
Ashby Road
LE11 3TT Loughborough
United Kingdom
Round 2 is upon us people, strap yourselves in and keep your hands and feet inside the ride at all times.
For this Kings we’re back to the sacred slope of Ackers in Brum-town, an ideal platform for loose behaviour. Once again teams various teams will come armed with their own ammunition of speakers, costumes and flavoured water to participate in what some call a competition, but is really just a bit of a razz on a hill.
THEME: EMERGENCY SERVICES. We’re talking firefighters, police, paramedics, doctors, nurses, the full monty. (Not the actual full monty, please don’t come as budget middle aged male strippers)
PLAN: Rock up to the union at 2:30 complete with full costume with a fiver ready for the bus. Get coach to Ackers (bring plenty of grub as we’ll be there a good while. Boogie. Race. Get on the shant and have a jolly on the slope. Boogie. Clean up our mess. Retrieve trophies. Make it rain champagne. Get bus back and head to the shimmering beacon that is Indian Ocean for a well-deserved curry (money for this will be collected on the way there and will be a price of 6 measley squids for a curry with 1 rice or naan). And finally, throw some shapes and chuck some angles in Echos.
BRING: Team spirit, plenty of food, beverage, costume, £5 for bus, £6 for curry, jacket in case it rains, beverage.
Be there or be an off centre parallelogram.
Sno love,
Committee x