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Thu 16/11/2017 from 19h30 to 23h30/strike>

Tiger Tiger London
29 The Haymarket, London
SW1Y 4SP London
United Kingdom
KIZZART is sorry to say there will be no class on November 16th. See you Nov 30th
This workshop is delivered by Trudy Williams who as well as being an experienced follower can also lead. Her teaching style is the result of many years dancing and learning urban kiz in Paris and attending musicality master classes by some amazing urban teachers.
Trudy's teaching is a mixture of using excercises, focusing on foundations skills as well as steps and encouraging exploration of self expression to the wonderful urban kiz music in a smooth connected way with lots of hints and tips that Trudy has gathered during her dance experience. She has broken down musicality into 5 aspects which she then teaches with detailed explanations of how to lead and follow.
The aim is to build a place to experiment and help each other and share yourselves with music.
You don't always need a partner to practice when you get confident in your movement your body naturally will lead your partner. With good dancers the lead becomes organic. So keep practicing even when alone. 😊
Follow my page for more urban kizomba..
💖Together we can find YOUR dance.😙💖
Please pm Trudy Williams or Svetlana if you want to know more.
This is a progressive workshop, in that what is learnt in first part is used in the 2nd, it is possible to come for just specific parts but its recommended to do the full workshop for best results.
• Foundation skills, Body Movement, Urban Tarraxa, how to use basic steps to create interesting musicality - ALL LEVELS 7:30pm - 8:30pm with Trudy Williams
• Learn a short routine then learn to play with timing and self expression to different music specifically chosen to expand your musicality. IMPROVER 8:30pm - 9:30pm with Trudy Williams
• Social practice 9:30pm -11pm
The aim of this time is to continue playing music to challenge your creativity for you to practice everything you learnt in lesson with continued teacher support. So dont be afraid to ask questions, ask to practice a specific move or even get some video analysis. Anything you need to help you find your dance. We welcome other dancers to come share and socialise and support each other. 💗
Urban Kiz is a technical dance and the music has such variety in style and tempo which means as a dancer there are so many great ways to express yourself and find your own dance. The idea behind these workshops is to offer training oriented around foundation skills, musicality and well as the moves or steps.
A teacher that can both follow and lead has advantages. As a follower we get to experience many dancers and feel their range of musicality.
As a lead we can then demonstrate this musicality and movement to other leads, to offer variety to each persons dance experience.
As a follower we can offer specific knowledge on how to improve following skills by being able to explain what we feel when following and how to create a good frame rather than remembering steps.
The aim is to take time to really get connection between the dancers and the music by improving our technical understanding of this dance whilst focusing on creating different expressions as we dance. By having workshop style lessons, music can be specifically chosen to suite the lesson and musicality can be discussed and explored. Each week we will focus on moves that will help develop musicality and foundation skills.
In the social practice we will then use the moves that we have learnt and with teacher support we will encourage you to dance to a range of music. Not only will this help muscle memory for the moves but also it will help educate the ear allowing you to dance more naturally whether hard tarraxa, sensual or urban kiz.
This workshop will suit beginners to advanced. If you are an absolute beginner then please get in touch so we can find a suitable way to get you to beginner level as soon as possible so you can enjoy these workshops. Beginner level is knowing basic 1, basic 2 and basic 3 and and male and female Saidas.
There is no better way to learn quickly than to practice! We would also like to invite dancers with different styles to come, learn, practice and have fun with us! The concept of our events is based on the love of dance and self-expression!
We look forward to meeting open minded people who are not afraid to improvise and love fusion. There is no right or wrong - we encourage variety!
• Svetlana: 07734902505
• KizzArt page
• Kizz Art (Facebook profile)
🌟🌟🌟 PRICES 🌟🌟🌟
1 beginner class only - £6
1 class + social practice - £10
2 classes + social practice - £12
Social practice with teacher support - £4
Watch out for promotional offers.
🌟🌟🌟ADDRESS 🌟🌟🌟
Tiger Tiger
29 The Haymarket, London
SW1Y 4SP London, United Kingdom
🌟🌟🌟A little Urban Kiz background 🌟🌟🌟
This is a new style originated primarily in France that soon became extremely popular in the international scene thanks in large part to an incredible number of YouTube videos.
It has been called French-style, evolution, new-style, urban, modern, etc. This style is based on Kizomba with an influence of hip-hop, tango, bachata, contemporary and many other dance styles. It is characterized by more linear movement, more frequent syncopation and breaks, and an upright stance than your circular classic Kizomba style