Collabageddon - 7 Breweries: 8 Collaberations
The Stoneworks

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Fri 17/11/2017 from 18h00 to 0h30/strike>

The Stoneworks
8a Church Street
PE1 1XB Peterborough
United Kingdom
A Tap takeover with a difference, 7 different breweries doing 8 different colaberation beers and we have all of them! To make this extra special, we are going to fill the existing taps with the best from the breweries involved!
The idea is a simple one - bring together some great breweries (both old hands and new kids on the block) to brew a range of diverse beers that are launched all around the UK on the same night. Given the project is built around the idea of being collaborative, sharing and learning, pairings have been created to bring together two breweries per beer who usually brew quite different styles to each other - diversity being a key.
The eight beers being brewed sees each brewery welcome a guest at their place before they take to the road to brew a beer at a different brewery. The eighth beer sees all involved descend upon the awesome Weird Beard with the aim of a) having lots of fun of course and b) producing something that all seven breweries involved will have contributed an element to.
Affinity Brew Co. (Tottenham, London),
40FT Brewery(Dalston, London),
Odyssey Brew Co (Hereford),
Unity Brewing Co (Southampton),
Vibrant Forest Brewery (Lymington),
Weird Beard Brew Co. (Hanwell, London)
Elusive Brewing (Berkshire)
Affinity & Elusive
Elusive & 40tf
Odyssey & Unity
Unity & Affinity
40ft & Vibrant Forest
Vibrant Forest & Weird Beard
Weird Beard & Odyssey
Weird Beard & EVERYONE