The Room Bingo Party
The Mockingbird Cinema & Kitchen

Fri 01/12/2017 from 19h30 to 23h00

Timezone : London

The Mockingbird Cinema & Kitchen
Mockingbird House The Custard Factory Gibb St
B9 4AA Birmingham
United Kingdom
Great job honey,this is a great party, you invited all my friends.....GOOD thinking!
The Mockingbird Cinema & Kitchen invites you to a night like no other, a idea that came from one too many Scotchkas.
Like Johnny and Mark's hybrid baby, we bring you The Room Bingo Party - a night of jarring confusion that you will enjoy immensely and not be able to explain why!
We'll be showing The Room and chucking spoons and catching footballs and feelings in this shambolic bingo bonanza!
HOUSE - A signed copy of The Room DVD
2 LINES - Your very own sexy red dress - anything for my princess!
1 LINE - A framed picture of a spoon
There will also be other prizes up for grabs!
Win your own Tommy Wiseau fidget spinned by shouting the best heckle or get practising on your emotional wails and give us your best "You're tearing me apart Lisa!" to win free pizza!
Special The Room Drinking Games, there will be breaks for bar visits.
3000 Spoons
20 American Footballs
2 Smashed Hosts
1 The Room Experience you will never forget.
Come, join us to shout nonsense at nonsense or else you're a chicken - CHEEP CHEEP CHEEP!