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From 09/11/2017 15h00 to 12/11/2017 17h00/strike>

Édimbourg, Scotland, United Kingdom
United Kingdom
BUDS is here! Get Ready for the WILDEST weekend of your life!
Competitors this is your chance to get out on the slopes both Racing and Freestyle and show your stuff!
Its an action packed weekend that is NOT to be missed! Spectators we need you there too!
START: REVS 3’oclock. Get on the piss. Coach is at 4.
First night: Three Sisters.
Friday: Day at Comps+Hill End Rally. Nights Theme: Countries
Saturday: Day at comps. Nights Theme: Suited and Booted!
Sunday: Head home.
END: Afters at BOX.
For the BIGGEST 3 nights of your life, it’s costing a mere £167, that gets you your transport throughout the weekend, Accommodation and entry to clubs and the slope for friday and saturday.
Use CIRCLE to get your payments through to us, you can use code 05VCW4 and you'll get £5 for absolutely NOWT. You'll need 50 Squids to get your deposit down and place saved!
Message the page if you want to book on and whether you'll be competing or spectating! Then send your deposits over!
Theres only 40 spaces guys so Fix up, Look sharp!
Full payment needs to be in by 20/10/17!
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