Preschool Yoga (and baby sibling) Class
The Horsebridge Centre

Friday 20 from 10h30 to 11h15

Timezone : London (GMT+01:00)

The Horsebridge Arts & Community Centre
11 Horsebridge Road
CT5 1AF Whitstable
United Kingdom
Yoga is a fantastic way for helping toddlers and preschoolers to continue to grow and flourish whilst helping to calm and relax their emotions. The immune system gets a boost, the neuromuscular development is supported and the digestion system gets a helping hand/ twist.
This class includes carer (Mum, Dad, grandparent, carer...), toddler/ preschooler and also baby sibling! The class is aimed at the toddler/ preschooler but baby siblings are welcome - whether in a sling/ on the floor/ asleep in the buggy. Bring toys and snacks to keep the babies amused and we will breathe through the noise and chaos together!
Reserve your place for the Preschoolers Yoga (and baby siblings) Class and pay on the day. Don't delay in booking - we have a limited number of places so once the class if fully booked, it is fully booked.
We operate a Pay As You Go structure allowing you to either use these classes either as a constant in your kids life or when you feel they need a bit of yoga magic!
Come dressed in warm stretchy clothes and prefably layers (leggings, T shirt and sweater) - all mats and fluffy blankets (for the relaxation) are provided by us!
*Discounts available:
Block bookings
Low income families
Contact us to discuss more!