Story Time - STEM edition

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Sun 15 October à 18:00/strike>

New York

Part of the effort to further improve our public speaking skills, we are organizing a series of story time events where people come with a prepared short story on anything interesting they've come across. The first of the installments is on STEM (no surprise there!), so please come with any interesting story in your respective industry. If nothing comes to mind, come anyway to meet like-minded fellows and decompress.

* Ideal story would be 3-5 minutes long, but you know what, let's free style since it's the first time and practice makes perfect :)

[As an example: did you know the birth of biotechnology started at Genentech - short for Genetically Engineering Technology? There, for the very first time scientists proved DNA could be recombined from different species, leading to the production of human insulin from bacteria (E. coli). This major breakthrough in modern endocrinology has saved millions of lives who would have suffered and died from diabetes].