An Alternative January Gathering
Bird's Nest

Event unavailable.

Selon le cas, de nouvelles dates appraîtront bientôt ou l'activité proposée sera définitivement supprimée.

Fri 12/01/2018 from 20h00 to 23h00/strike>

The Birds Nest
32 Deptford Church Street
SE8 4RZ London
United Kingdom
An Alternative Gathering begin their monthly residency at The Birds Nest with some old friends who've been known to pick a song or two.
Starts 8pm
Free Entry
The Blue Carpet Band 22.10 - 22.50
Powerhouse five-piece dirty garage punk rock'n'rollers based in North London. Sounds like classic blues-rock proponents such as The Yardbirds and early Rolling Stones mixing it up with early New York punk, The Cramps and The Stooges, think big riffs, 12-bar boogie and unstoppable energy, on a mission to bring back good real music to London then the world.
The Phobics 21.10 - 21.50
Formed in Deptford in 1999 by a bunch of punk survivors and misfits with a love of raw rock n roll and bored with a smug and complacent music scene. Sometimes tight, sometimes not. Occasionally sober but always eventful, faster and louder. A kick up the arse with great tunes that’ll hook you deep. Sign us why doncha?
Holy Faction 20.10 - 20.50
NW London trio playing funky post punk material that captures the essence of Magazine, the groove of Killing Joke and a hint of Wire, alongside a magic of their own.