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From 16/09/2017 09h00 to 17/09/2017 15h00/strike>

Gunman Airsoft - Eversley
The Welsh Drive, Fleet Road (A327)
RG27 0PY Fleet
United Kingdom
Gunman Airsoft presents...
‘Conflict 2037 pt2 –‘Tide of War’
September 16-17 2017
GUNMAN Eversley, Hampshire

Welcome to another Gunman Airsoft Open Weekend with limited ammo and medic rules. This is a game for everyone and you can use any sort of mag Hi, Low cap etc. up to the Ammo Limit.�We have both sets of kit for rentals too, so get involved!!!

Walk on costs £25 per day (Saturday or Sunday) or just £40 for the whole weekend.�Rental guns are available for an extra £25 per day or £35 for the weekend (limited gun hire available, please prebook to guarantee yours).��We will be onsite from 16.00 on the Friday, so if you want to start the Social from Friday, feel free to join us, we have a large camping area and toilets on site.

Its 2037 and the world is at war. The Armies of the Red Drake and the Blue Hammer have clashed in middle Europe and battles have broken out across their broken and jagged lines. Many nations have been engulfed in the flames of war and now only two these two factions are left to fight it out.
The story follows the operations of small units on the ground and focuses on their missions and the Area of Operations (AO) they must fight in.
Battle line of the Ardennes forest of old France and old Belgium.
Blue Hammers task force ‘Alpha Prime’ has set up a number of hard points for their smaller attack units to operate from. Unknown to Alpha Prime, a recon element of Red Drakes have crossed over the battle line and will attempt to mark up the hard points with IR tags. Rockets fired from near by battle Mechs can then target these.
Both sides having affective SAM Systems and the dense constitution of the forest means both sides have elected to wage war with ground troops only. 5 key areas have been identified by the Red Drake Command in Metro.
Day one will see the fighting for 921 and day two the battle for 922.
In true conflict style (Battlefield) 5 areas will be marked at the 5 key areas that need to be captured and held. There will be a red and a blue flag at each position. All that a team needs to do to show control of an area is put their team flag into the ground next to the objective and place the enemy flag on the ground.
Desert players with be assuming Blue Hammer teams. BLUE TEAM
Green players will be assuming Red Drake operatives. RED TEAM
Let the conflict commence…