Auxilium Christianorum Support and Discussion Group
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Organizers Apartment

This group is meant to be a support mechanism for those Catholics who desire a stronger and more meaningful way to wage war against demonic forces in our world today. It is also meant to encourage membership in the Auxilium Christianorum. Where Catholic clergy are mostly unable and often unwilling to step up to this crusade support groups such as this have been formed to help its members combat and assist both clergy and those who suffer from exceptional spirit activity. The Auxilium Christianorum (see website) is a powerful assist for clergy involved in the deliverance ministry. Members pray for each other and for the clergy. Come bring your questions. Please come with at least some basic understanding of the Catholic faith. “The members of the Auxilium Christianorum should always bear in mind the reality of our state as members of the Church living in this world. Despite St. Paul’s teaching, many Catholic many Catholics do not take seriously their obligation to wage war against the demonic forces. It is for this reason the Association of the Auxilium Christianorum was founded.”