Prayers for Peace, Pot Luck Dinner & Kirtan with Gitanjali

Sun 27 August à 22:00

Timezone : Paris (GMT+02:00)

Garden of Healing Yoga & Wellness Center
New Brunswick

Come join us in community with prayers for peace, peace meditation, Kirtan and a pot luck dinner!

What is Kirtan? Kirtan is a form of Bhakti yoga. It is the call and response singing of Sanskrit mantras.  This type of "vibrational meditation" carries you effortlessly into bliss and stillness... 

What is the nature and benefits of Kirtan/Chanting? 

The ancient language of Sanskrit is a vibrational language revealed to the Masters who sat in deep meditation and heard the vibrational sounds of the Sanskrit alphabet moving through the psychic energy channels in the body. Thus, the chanting of mantra brings us in to a deeper state of awareness and consciousness connecting us with our own True nature. 

Gitanjali offers Kirtan for the upliftment of society and connection to Universal Self. Their music is considered Bhakti yoga, an expression of the Divine Love and Union, which permeates all things. Gitanjali plays throughout the tri- state area, at yoga centers, ashrams, spiritual gatherings and similar venues. Their music, steeped in spirituality, has been described as exuding soulfulness and grace; it is uplifting- inspiring peace, unity and contemplation.

Gitanjali's music has roots in traditional Kirtan (call and response devotional music), and classical Bhajans. Their Bhajans are infused with gospel and soul.  Rock, jazz, Afro-Cuban rhythms and classical music have also influenced their unique sound. As such, their style appeals to listeners from a wide variety of musical genres. Each of Gitanjali's band members lend a unique gift to the band's style and sound. True to their roots, Gitanjali's members practice Bhakti yoga and are engaged in rich spiritual and contemplative practices.