China’s Silk Road Project – Prosperity through Infrastructure and Free Trade?

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"The Gallery" @ John Haynes Holmes House
New York

China's Belt and Road Initiative is ambitious and unparalleled in scope: setting out to economically unify and connect the Eurasian land mass through trade with China, directly affecting 65 countries with a total population of 4.4 billion people, 63% of the world’s population. This region’s GDP is between 29-40% of world GDP, according to various sources. Most of Asia outside of China is ripe for development and China is willing to provide low cost and even free infrastructure for Silk Road countries. Michael Buchner reviews aspects of the grand plan within different contexts and examines setbacks and successes, along with background into recent developments.

After earning a Bachelor of Science in Microbiology, Michael Bucher pursued a career in the arts, culminating in a business importing from artisans in Mexico, India, and Indonesia and manufacturing jewelry in factories in Thailand and China. Michael is currently a free-lance researcher/writer for Shanghai Business Review, writing on topics in business, trade, and international relations relating to China.