Action Beat GW Sok, Golden Vampire13, Elevant, Kapil Seshasayee
Kapil Seshasayee

Sunday 20 from 18h00 to 22h00

Timezone : London (GMT+01:00)

DROP The Dumbulls Gallery
dublin street, Liverpool, Merseyside. l3 7dt
United Kingdom
Donation Entry Show !
at DROP The Dumbulls Gallery
SUNDAY 20th August.
6pm - 10pm
Action Beat + G.W Sok
Kapil Seshasayee
eat youtube, make dance and dont stare at him too long, its DJ Golden Vampire #13
we wanted to make this an outdoor show but... Liverpool.
fuck you the sky.
So ! we invite yams alll too Drop The Dumbulls earlier than usual, 6pm - 10pm to hang about listening to some boss music with tasty foods and cheep bar from Donde Est La Discotech on SUNDAY 20th August.
BogFM will dishh up something uneadible but enjoyable as will our good man Golden Vampire #13.
Having become quite a force in Liverpools resurgence of the Grunge influenced musics in these parts we figured who better to set the mood for the return of Action Beat + G.W Sok than our pals and Wrong Fest curaters Elevant, they ran themselves ragged all year putting together said festival and mannnnnny other things for yams to enjoy so we figured it would be nice if they came and enjoyed DROP The Dumbulls Gallery stage themselves as it was meant to be enjoyed :) bringing with them and returning excellent audio fiddler, Mr Kapil Seshasayee.
Action Beat + G.W Sok << im not even sure what im tagging there, it doesnt come up as just @action Beat anymore, not now that since a longstanding mutual interest in echothers music, mr G.w. Sok has perfectly taken the space that , in hindsight kinda seams like it was intentionally left open for him to join and tye together with words, the pretty outstanding achievements of a bunch of mostly childhood friends from Bletchley have made with a garage full of shit guitars / amps & drumkits. Its an old story, but its a cracking version of it if its told right.
Action Beat have been doing laps of UK, Europe and recently USA since the early two thousands, documentation , opinions, blessings and hate mail its written all over the internet in loads of different languages and the shocking audio quality video's of shows in barns, castles, tunnels, parks, boats, quarrys, squats, champagne movie sets etc etc etc covering the last umpteeeen years of endless live gigs, never saying no to invites to play in faaaaaar away places, just keep racking up on you tube. They are very precious to Liverpool and have been finding ways to rat thier way into town in an ever increasing horde of loyal and excellent loons for over a decade.
For me, ( hi! ) and for im sure many many many other people, AB and Sok are a very very very good example and reminder too do as much as you can, while you can, no matter how much youd rather not :p and with a force, power and more recently acquired dare i say, grace, using multiples of guitars / drums usually reserved for orchestral manoeuvres, absolutely rinse as much out of them as 10 or so people can in the alloted time slot. ( about 9pm onwards ) .