2017 MultiGP National Championship
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From 13/09/2017 08h00 to 17/09/2017 20h30

Timezone : Los_Angeles (GMT-07:00)

United States
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RENO, NEVADA - MultiGP is proud to announce that their 2017 MultiGP National Drone Racing Championship will be held during the National Championship Air Races in Reno, Nevada, September 13th through September 17th in partnership with the Reno Air Racing Association. With thousands of pilots currently competing in over 70 qualifying events of the MultiGP Regional Series, all eyes are fixed on this ground-breaking organization that is fueling the drone racing movement from the ground up.

With a tradition that goes back to 1964, the National Championship Air Races has attracted more than 1 million spectators and generated more than $600 million for the region’s economy in the last ten years. "The addition of MultiGP's National Drone Racing Championship into our show allows our aviation enthusiasts to experience this exciting technology first hand," said Tony Logoteta, Director of Finance of the Reno Air Racing Association. "Drone racing allows spectators to fly inside the cockpit with their favorite pilots at over 80 miles per hour through challenging aerial obstacles, an experience that integrates seamlessly into our core entertainment values."

The National Championship Air Races in Reno are also nationally televised on NBC Sports, which means that the 2017 MultiGP National Championship will be seen all across the globe on major network television.

“It’s only fitting that MultiGP hold its National Championship during this prestigious event. Producing our nation’s drone racing championship alongside it will help prove the legitimacy and staying power of drone sports,” said Chris Thomas, Founder of MultiGP. "Our Regional Series is designed to provide the drone racing community with an accessible, yet highly competitive format that clearly recognizes the most skilled pilots in the country."

In order to advance to the championship, top pilots from each Regional Qualifier advance to their respective Regional Final. Then, the top two pilots from each of the 14 Regional Finals will be invited to the Championship. These 28 Regional Finalists will be joined by 117 other pilots that have proven themselves through other methods, such as highly ranked competitors from the Regional Finals and Universal Time Trial (UTT) leaderboards. These 145 pilots will compete to see who is the best pilot in the nation including the 2015 and 2016 MultiGP National Champion, Shaun “Nytfury” Taylor, who will have the opportunity to defend his title.

The 2017 MultiGP Regional Series is guaranteed to be filled with high-level competition and nonstop action, all culminating at the 2017 MultiGP National Championship. The rise of drone racing over the last two years can be attributed to the volunteer run local MultiGP Chapters. These organized groups are the key to drone racing’s increasing popularity and accessibility.

“The growth and success of our MultiGP Chapters is our top priority, as it provides the foundation for our sport and Regional Series,” said Michael Gianoutsos, Chief Marketing Officer of MultiGP. “MultiGP nurtures the drone racing community at the grassroots level by providing software, racing tools and community which transforms casual groups into formal MultiGP Chapters, and hobbyists into competitive pilots. Our efforts develop drone racing from the ground up, creating the competitive environment the sport needs to progress and sustain itself.”

How to Qualify
Number of pilots: 145 Maximum at the National Championship. These 145 spots are determined via 4 qualification methods.

Defending Champion

Finalists (1st & 2nd regional finals participants)

Serious 60 entrants (3rd - 6th regional finals participants)

The List + UTT entrants

For a complete list of qualifying events, please visit:


If you want to attend the event as a spectator please purchase your tickets here: https://airrace.org/tickets/

All tickets include a plus 1 for a spectator or pit help.
Includes admission to Reno Air Race - $100 / value.
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