Gnostic Holy Eucharist

Sun 24 September à 18:00

Timezone : Paris (GMT+02:00)

New York Theosophical Society/Quest Bookshop Meeting Rooms
New York

September 24 the Gnostic Church will offer a Mass celebrating the Fifteenth Sunday after Trinity. The intent is: BROTHERLY LOVE.

Gnosis is the Greek word for “knowledge.” Gnosis refers not to intellectual knowledge of mundane things, but to intuitive, internally derived knowledge of Divine things. Gnosis is mystic knowledge, closely bound with the experiences of revelation and epiphany.

Symbols can express the human psyche’s deepest truths. As a symbolic ritual, the Holy Eucharist is an effective vehicle for the transformation of consciousness and receptivity to the inner world of the spirit.

Services are free and open to the public. Membership in the Church is not required for those who wish to participate in services or take communion. The Church does not require members to renounce membership in any other church or religious practice. The Church does not discriminate on the basis of creed, ethnic origin, nationality, gender, or sexual orientation.