DEMO EVENT : Kate Mackintosh,The Equipilates Instructor
Aldham Mill Farm - livery

Mon 25/09/2017 from 18h00 to 21h00

Timezone : London (GMT+01:00)

Aldham Mill Farm - livery
Barnsley Road
S73 8EG Wombwell
United Kingdom
This will be a talk and demo plus ridden demo . Kate is also a qualified riding instructor and human physiotherapist. She focuses on how what we do will affect our horses movement and how we can make for a more harmonious partnership
Kate Mackintosh is an Advanced Paediatric Physiotherapist based in Sheffield, and has been part of the Equipilates™ team since 2013. Kate has been working with riders of all ages (and their horses) for over 20 years, initially as a BHS qualified instructor and, following further training in Canada, as a Therapeutic Riding Instructor. She has trained with the Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute since 2009 and is a fully certified Pilates instructor and Healthy HIT instructor. As a rider Kate has competed in BE and BD and has found Pilates invaluable for correcting her own bad habits!
Kate provides Equipilates™ training to riders aged from 6 to 75 in Sheffield and the surrounding areas, as well as providing riding instruction, equisimulator sessions, Equipilates™ clinics, postural analysis, Pilates and Healthy HIT classes. Kate is dedicated to promoting correct training principles of each horse and rider combination regardless of their age or experience and works with children, ‘happy hackers’ and professional riders.
In addition to her work with adult riders, as an advanced paediatric physiotherapist Kate has been using the principles of Pilates in her own clinical practice for over 5 years and in 2014 qualified as a Smarty Pilates Instructor. She runs group Pilates sessions as part of her clinical practice within the Sheffield Children’s NHS Foundation Trust for children aged from 5 – 16 years. Kate is a qualified Hippotherapist and uses horses within her work as a paediatric physiotherapist to create or achieve desired responses or movements in a child during a Hippotherapy session.
Kate takes Pilates and Equipilates™ referrals from a wide variety of sources including consultant paediatricians and neurologists. She has presented both her Hippotherapy and Smarty Pilates research in the UK and abroad. As an experienced and inspirational teacher she is dedicated to promoting the benefits of Equipilates™ and pilates through education, presentation and practical sessions to children, parents, riders and professionals across the world.