LDN Talks: Meet The Real-Life Willy Wonka
Funzing UK

Tue 10/10/2017 from 19h00 to 22h00

Timezone : London (GMT+01:00)

Sink Pong
4 Paul Street
EC2A 4JH London
United Kingdom
Meet Angus Kennedy – The UK’s real life Willy Wonka and the world’s leading chocolate taster.
Chocolate – it’s too good to miss. Especially when everyone who joins this amazing talk will receive free chocolates as soon as they sit down! This is a truly unique presentation on not just what it’s like to be a real life Willy Wonka, but also a fascinating insight into the secret world of chocolate and how you can land the best job in the world … by failing your way to success!
So if you are looking for something a little different (and for some free chocolates too); with an inspiring story of determination of how to overcome the impossible, to live your dream (Angus actually eats chocolate for a living); the world’s chief chocolate taster will show you how he did it.
Get ready sit back and listen to his inspiring story of going from college drop-out and total waster to the world’s leading chocolate taster. Discover 5 things you may not have know about your chocolate bar. What will chocolate be like in the future and how is it really made? And why are your chocolate products really shrinking?
What is it like to be a chocolate taster? How Angus stays slim, health hazards and learn how you can test the quality of your own chocolate – that is, if you haven’t eaten it all up of course.
Stop the dreaming; end the hoping, wishing and waiting and wanting . It’s time NOW; today to begin the process and achieve the impossible. Angus’ passion, above all is to share with you the lessons he learned on how can you finally live your dream and land the best job in the world for you – it may be easier than you think.
The journey to live your dreams (and kick off with free chocolates too) …. are a just click away.
Angus Kennedy is a leading figure on the subject of chocolate and appeared in the international media with numerous television appearances as the world’s leading chocolate expert on programs such as: The BBC Good Food show, ITV, Superscrimpers and BBCs Watchdog Test House, Bloomberg, Channel 4 and a Talk with Al Jazeera TV.
He is the editor of Kennedy’s Confection magazine and has written 8 books (the next to be published in New York in 2018). He is also an experienced public speaker, speaking around the globe.
He also founded the London Chocolate Forum through his network of contacts in the chocolate industry - now the one of the biggest events in the trade.
Venue: Blueberry Bar & Kitchen, Shoreditch
Doors: 7pm / Talk starts: 7.30pm.
* A small beer\ a glass of wine is included in the price!*
Tickets here: http://bit.ly/2vASwLL
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