Tai Ji Standing Qigong Meditation and Practical Application

Thu 24 August à 01:00

Timezone : Paris (GMT+02:00)

Outdoor Training Area
Staten Island

Learn a contemporary style called “Zong Huan” (Origin and Illusion), developed by Erik Oliva, shifu, from over 30 years of meditation, Qigong and Martial Arts insight. Standing Qigong Meditation that focuses on health, wellness and martial power development, improving blood and Qi flow to the extremities, loosening the joints, and reaching states of deep inner peace and concentration. The Trace-less Center Standing Qigong Meditation will provide you with a life-time practice that can enhance your physical, mental and emotional well-being, and attain profound meditative states through a combination of Tai Ji and Qigong movement standing principles, and martial application.

• Distinguish the strength of each Tai Chi Movement Principle:
Subtle/Abrupt; Hard/Soft; Rising/Sinking; Expanding/Contracting; Twisting/Lengthening

• Practice the Trace-less Center Standing Qigong Meditation form
• How to direct your mind to throughout the body for health benefits
• Practice the meditation aspects of the form

View the first practice set video here:


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