Improved Health and Wellness - Kicking a Sugar Addiction Workshop

Sat 19 August à 19:00

Timezone : Paris (GMT+02:00)

Creatam Holistic Center

Diabetes and sugar addiction are rampant in this day and age as a result of poor dietary decisions, too much processed food and lifestyle factors.

Join in a highly educational and entertaining workshop, which will cover:
* A new paradigm explaining why sugar cravings exist, based on a concept called the polarity of food.
* The body's response to sugar.
* Seven solutions to control cravings and kick the sugar habit.

Presenter: Laura Haas, Certified Health and Life Coach

Laura is an enthusiastic certified health and life coach. She is passionate, inquisitive, relentlessly curious, and funny. She could have been the bizarre love child of Sigmund Freud and Madonna, with her passion for understanding the mind and human behavior, paired with her love of music, creativity, and dramatics. She studied at Cornell University and Stevens Institute of Technology.

After finding her true calling, her mission has become to:
* Empower everyone everywhere to discover their truth and to uncover what they really want.
* Entrust you to own your decisions and choices.
* Guide you to realize the best version of themselves.
* Help you implement the healthy habits and rituals that will give you the energy and well-being to show up every day and be your best.
* Rid your fear of judgement and fear of the unknown to live fully. Once you do, your energy and vibrancy will shine and empower others.
* Most of all, when you are reflecting back on life lived at the age of 90, you will have no regrets.

She will like to inspire as many people as possible. She wants to help you design the road-map of your life, to show you how to reach your full potential and to have no regrets.

So come and get inspired!
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