US-CHINA Perspectives of AI in Healthcare

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Fri 18 August à 00:30/strike>

Glue Advertising
New York

On Thursday, August 17th, New York Healthcare Drinks will hold it's kick-off meeting on the topic of "How AI and Cognitive Computing is Changing the Healthcare Landscape
Cross border perspectives between US and China."

Louisa Roberts from IBM Watson Health, will first tell us about the exciting advances of analytics and cognitive computing in US and recent agreements with Baheal Pharmaceutical Group for Oncology and Genomics in China.

Louisa's talk will be followed-up by a panel discussion titled, "How will cognitive computing change my current role?" The panel will be moderated by Jeff Frick, Co-Founder of NY Chapter of Healthcare Drinks and will consist of the following executives:

- Cindy Machles, CEO of Glue Advertising
- Louisa Roberts, Solutions Executive, IBM Watson Health
- Yading Yuan, Co-Founder of Quantitative Insights Inc., Assistant Professor of Radiation Oncology, Mount Sinai
- Wenjue Wu, Digital Therapeutics entrepreneur, former BD&L of Eli Lily

IBM Watson Health and other AI and cognitive computing / analytics organizations are beginning to change the way drugs are discovered, developed and how care is provided to patients. The access to digital information enables researchers (drug discovery), developers (clinical development) and healthcare providers to improve patient care through evidence based precision medicine. Similar to what we see in the US, China healthcare reform is accelerating through digitizing all sub-sectors under the current government's strong support.

Come learn from our experts with insights from both countries.

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