Kunoichi Club
Ninja Academy Perth

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Sun 20/08/2017 from 11h00 to 13h00/strike>

Ninja Academy Perth
7/443 Scarborough Beach Road
6017 Osborne Park, Western Australia
“Kunoichi” is the Japanese word for a female ninja.
Kunoichi Club is a ladies only affair where we invite all the kick-ass female ninjas to gather together and…well…just be awesome!
Through these events you will get an introduction to the basics of parkour, Ninja Warrior, bouldering, and more.
Expect to be challenged, but in a fun and friendly environment.
Feel free to drag your friends along, the more awesome Kunoichi the better.
Must be 16+ to attend, and make sure to wear comfortable training clothes (including shoes!).
The next meeting of the Kunoichi Club will be on 20 August 2017.
Last month we took the group through our obstacle course - with every attendee completing at least one new obstacle, and many getting up the 3.5m warped wall for the first time.
This month we will be focused on learning the basics of parkour - things like jumping, landing, vaults, and rolls.
20 August 2017
11am - 1pm
Non-members: $30
Members: $15
Source: www.facebook.com