Monday Evening Special Secret WW2 Tunnels Tour
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Tuesday 22 from 19h00 to 20h30

Timezone : London (GMT+01:00)

Hidden Wirral Myths & Legends Tours
New Brighton Palace
Ch45 2JX New Brighton
United Kingdom
Summer Special Evening Tours down inside the Secret WW2 Tunnels in New Brighton
Hidden Wirral Myths and Legends Presents... Monday Evening Special Secret WW2 Tunnels & Bunker of New Brighton Historic Tour
Tuesday 22nd August 7pm till 8.30pm Tour
Tickets Cost £7 Per Person and Limited spaces per tour, Advanced Bookings advised.
During the Second World War, The Ministry of Defence had a Secret Munitions Factory Hidden Away beneath the New Brighton Palace in the old Smugglers Tunnels. Now we can Give you Exclusive access to visit these Tunnels and See for yourself
For the First Time Since World War 2 We can now give you exclusive viewing of the Old World War 2 Munitions Machinery hidden away in the Tunnels and the Secret Underground Bunker in New Brighton.
Join Local Historian and Author Tony Franks-Buckley for an Exclusive Historic Walk and Special Trip Inside the Old Tunnels beneath New Brighton Palace introducing you to the History of The New Brighton Palace, the Old Munitions Factory. Air Raid Shelter and the Bombed Locations in New Brighton
During World War Two, between 1942 and 1944, the New Brighton Palace arcade was Depot 0616 of the U. S. Army: the cellars became an ammunition factory employing two hundred women, a base for fire watchers, and a communal air raid shelter, one entrance to which, a large iron grille, is still to be seen in Virginia Road at the back of the Palace. Now is your chance to view these old tunnels for yourself on a Special Historic Tour.
Before New Brighton was even born, the area was known as Black Rock and was plagued by Pirates, Smugglers and Fisherman. The History of the New Brighton Palace is a fascinating one, the tunnels are said to go back over 200 Years to the Times of the Wreckers & Smugglers and were later redeveloped when the Palace was built. The tunnels were then used as a munitions factory during WW2 and later became a nightclub known as The Creep.
You will be visiting the site of the old machines that are still located inside the Tunnels as well as experiencing a Historic walk retelling the Myths, Legends and Old Tales of the area and life during War Times. You will also learn the origins of the tunnels way back during the days of the Smugglers as we take you on a Historic Walk introducing you to the legends of the hidden passageways beneath New Brighton
On this Walk you will hear of:
Wallasey at War
The Secret WWII Munitions Factory
The Air Raid Bunker
Propaganda Posters
War Memorabilia
The Old French Laundry Bombing
The Sea Forts
New Brighton Tower Grounds Tunnels
The American Army Connections
The Bidston Observatory Mapping of the D-Day Landings
Fort Perch Rock
Bomb Damage to New Bighton
New Brighton in the 1940s
Evacuation & Shelters
Life in Victorian New Brighton
The Wormhole Caves Connection
The Red Noses Connection
The New Brighton Palace History
The Wallasey Wreckers and Smugglers
The Entertainment in New Brighton
The Creep Nightclub
And Much Much More
This is an exclusive opportunity that you will only be able to undertake with Hidden Wirral.
Tour Capacity - 15 People Per Tour
Tour Duration: Approx 1 Hour 30 Mins
Wheelchair Friendly – No
Suitable for Children – Yes
Ticket Price £7
Transport - Local Bus and Train available to venue.
Please Ensure you have a Coat or Umbrella Incase of Rain
Incase of Really Bad Weather the Entire tour will take place inside the Tunnels Via a Presentation
The meeting point is Starting & Finishing at The Old Creep Nightclub Entrance, The New Brighton Palace, Marine Promenade, Wallasey CH45 2JX . The Entrance is Located in the Alleyway between the Palace and Floral Pavilion
Please Arrive at least 15 minutes before the stated time
Tickets will be sent Direct to Your email Address via Payment Receipt and you can Print them off or Show us on Your mobile Phone. This is your Payment Receipt which states time and date of Tour.
Tickets can be purchased by using your Credit/Debit card or by Paypal.