Meditation & Healing Evening
Natural Balance Therapy Centre

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Mon 14/08/2017 from 19h00 to 21h30/strike>

Natural Balance Therapy Centre
10 Tay Square
DD1 1PB Dundee
United Kingdom
We’re meeting on Monday 14th August for meditation & healing. We would be absolutely delighted if you could join us.
Doors open from 18.30 (start 7pm).... Price £10
We have an eclectic mixture of meditations: we always do a meditation that takes you into the vibration of a Buddhist who has been practicing for 15 hours a day, for 15 years..... and your intent and imagination to take us on many beautiful journeys as we manifest abundance, various meditations to align your body (physical, mental, emotional and energetic (aura) bodies); which boosts creativity, alertness, intuition, immune system, mood, cognition and equilibrium through the mind and body.
We typically have a Reiki Masters, and all sorts of therapists here, and we always have people who have NEVER tried meditation before, and although on so some occasions we practice 6,7 or 8 different styles, it's like 'wiskas'.......where 9 out of 10 beginners totally get it first time.
We start with refreshments giving all our beautiful group time to mingle; meanwhile, I'm feeling the energies of those of attendance so that we can heal and tweak any meditations, congruent to all in attendance. with permission, we normally have healing too.....a session seriously shifts mental, emotional or physical blocks allowing your week to run as it should, optimising your highest potential in all areas of life (that is our intention) ♥
Cost for event is £10. Please let us know if your coming as places are filling up. ♥
Doors open from 6.30pm and Meditation to start at 7pm