UTS HKSA Semester 2 超級無敵迎新會 Welcoming Party

Saturday 19 from 12h00 to 17h00

Timezone : Sydney (GMT+10:00)

St Andrew's Cathedral School
Sydney Square
2000 Sydney
話咁快又到第二個semester 喇!今次嘅welcoming event 將會進行我地UTS HKSA歷史上第一次city hunt!係event 當日你地將會有機會穿梭係city 唔同嘅地標去進行任務,完成最多任務嘅隊伍將會獲得由UTS HKSA 準備嘅精美禮品!係咪聽到都心動呢?快d click going
Blink of an eye and it's already our second semester! This is going to be history's first UTS HKSA City Hunt welcoming event. This chance might only come once in a lifetime;) On the day, you'll have the opportunity to journey through distinct landmarks of the City and complete missions. The team who achieves the highest points will receive an exquisite range of quality gifts, wholeheartedly chosen by UTS HKSA. Have we not touched your heart yet? For those who want to experience this journey with us, hurry and click going to reserve your spot!
Event Details:
Date: 19/8/2017
Time: 12:00pm - 5pm
Meet up location:
- In front of St Andrew's Cathedral School, Exit 4 TownHall Station
Entry fee:
- HKSA Members --> Free
- Non-HKSA Members --> $8
*Remember to eat before the event starts, gather your energy beforehand!! The good news is, after the City Hunt, we will provide snacks for everyone that has participated.
Marco - 0405 952 322
Eric - 0416 121 994
Natalie - 0450 849 124
Pakling - 0421 468 826
Tanna - 0435 784 517
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