Cafe Indie presents Happy Mondays Afterparty
Café INDIEpendent

Wed 29/11/2017 from 22h00 to 0h30

Timezone : London (GMT+01:00)

Café INDIEpendent
169-173 High Street
DN15 6EH Scunthorpe
United Kingdom
You know what it's like when you go to a really big gig... You get a proper buzz on. You holler yourself stupid. You dance yourself daft. And then within about five minutes of the band finishing you just... disappear off home. Cup of tea, slice of toast and that nagging feeling that the night should have gone on a bit longer...
We all know what's happening and who's coming to The Baths Hall on Wednesday 29th November... We've twisted our melons and come up with this bit of a do for after the main event. We're (unofficially) supplying a little bit of space and time for some tunes and drinks.
So, a couple of hours more fun, to extend your evening. Let's call it an AFTERPARTY shall we?