Chaturanga for Shoulder Stability with Frankie Culpin
Meadowlark Yoga

Sat 11/11/2017 from 9h00 to 11h00

Timezone : London (GMT+01:00)

Meadowlark Yoga
43 Argyle Place
EH9 1JT Edinburgh
United Kingdom
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This workshop will break down the pose Chaturanga Dandasana (Four Limbed Staff Pose) in order to build a strong knowledge of what is required to both build up to the posture and also to execute it safely with stability.
Chaturanga may look pretty straight forward from a bystander's perspective, but anyone who has tried it or who includes this posture in their practice regularly can testify that it's not to be taken lightly. It's a tough posture mainly due to the actions required in order to create shoulder stability, but it also requires some core and leg work too. It is a foundational posture for arm balances and so it's great to make sure your knowledge about how to do Chaturanga is sound in order to progress into arm balancing.
Why Chaturanga? Whether in an Ashtanga practice or a Vinyasa Flow class, Chaturanga appears during the sequence of postures used to transition from one point to the next, referred to as a 'Vinyasa'. Because it features within this sequence, it can become easy for us to flow through it time and time again in a habitual way and for 'bad habits' to creep in which can result in wear and tear injuries - ever heard Chaturanga being referred to as the shoulder 'shredder'?!. Furthermore, for many newer students, this may never have been broken down and taught in detail before.
In my opinion Chaturanga is a challenging pose and usually is not all that accessible for beginners. We will therefore look at the strengthening postures and alternatives you can do as a beginner to build up to the posture. For more seasoned yoga practitioners, we will try to identify and un-do any bad habits that have crept in over time in order to refine your technique.
Workshops are a great way to spend time exploring a posture further. In true workshop style we will look at what's required from the body from an anatomical perspective and then we will work on those actions in order to create muscle memory using a variety techniques for you to take away with you.
This 2 hour workshop is £25
Concession rates apply
Students, NHS, OAP - £22.50
EUYS & yoga teachers - £21.25
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